Within minutes of Bron Breakker’s successful title defense at Great American Bash, JD McDonagh announced his presence on NXT 2.0 by jumping the NXT Champion.

After putting Breakker through a table, the self-proclaimed “necessary evil” quickly set his sights on re-shaping NXT in his image by taking the NXT Title away from Breakker. McDonagh used his extensive knowledge of the human anatomy to describe in gruesome detail all the ways he could hurt or permanently injure Breakker, but the champion showed no fear in the face of The Irish Ace’s sadistic mind games.

During their NXT Heatwave Summit, Breakker promised McDonagh that he wouldn’t fall for his traps because when the title is on the line, he is an animal. The twisted McDonagh only smiled at the thought before signing the match contract in his own blood.

With two Superstars well versed in dishing out pain, who will crack first when Breakker and McDonagh collide for the NXT Title?

Find out Aug. 16 at NXT Heatwave at 8/7 C on USA!


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