Andy Ruiz returned to the ring Saturday night, with the former three belt heavyweight champion facing 43-year-old former title challenger Luis Ortiz.

The heavyweight contest started pretty intense, with Ortiz landing big early, but Ruiz firing back with bombs and scoring two big knockdowns in round two. Ortiz somehow survived and made it to the later rounds. Although the pace slowed a bit after the wild start, the contest remained fairly competitive on the subsequent rounds.

In the seventh round, Ruiz managed to land big again, hurting Ortiz and eventually dropping him with a right hand.

Ruiz lowered his output and essentially made it a longer fight, but he still took majority of the rounds. Ortiz had a badly swollen eye by the end of it, but to his credit, he managed to survive and still kept trying to land big shots until the final bell.

Ruiz won the decision, but the scores were curiously close despite the three knockdowns.

Official Result: Andy Ruiz Jr. def. Luis Ortiz by unanimous decision (113-112, 114-111, 114-111).

Since losing his belts in the rematch against Anthony Joshua, Ruiz has now won two straight bouts against a pair of older former title challengers.

Following the fight, Deontay Wilder stepped inside the ring to face off with a possible future opponent.

Watch videos from the heavyweight slugfest below:


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