There’s more “Influencer boxing” this weekend, with Social Gloves 2 hosting AnEson Gib vs Austin McBroom and a clearly out of shape former NBA star in Nick Young taking on Malcom Minikon.

In the main event Gib survived a first round knockdown to go on and drop McBroom four times. He dropped McBroom twice in the third round, and twice again in the fourth where he eventually got the finish.

This marked Gib’s first professional boxing win. He lost in 2020 against fellow influencer and then debutant Jake Paul.

In the co-headliner, former Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young looked out of shape, and he eventually flopped fell through the ropes in the fourth round of his exhibition match against Minikon. “Swaggy P” didn’t want to continue, and the exhibition was called off and ruled a No Decision, citing a phantom headbutt.

Full results for Social Gloves 2022 can be seen here.


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