There were a lot of eyes on Liverpool fans tonight as the world waited to see how they would react to the minute of silence in memory of The Queen. 

Liverpool doesn’t have much love for the royal family and the rest of England due to events in the past and those feelings are understandable and justified. Fans of the football club have become well known for booing the English national anthem at big events and many expected a similar reaction to the minute of silence tonight.

Anfield seemed very respectful towards the late Queen before the match and it seemed very quiet throughout the moment of respect but the Telegraph’s Oliver Brown has stated otherwise.

The minute of silence for the Queen was abandoned after 30-40 seconds according to Brown and there were loud boos and jeers, despite efforts of the vast majority to respect the moment.

Others such as David Maddock and Ian Doyle state that Liverpool fans were very respectful and most of the footage from the stadium seems to back that up.

Liverpool fans called for everyone to be respectful towards The Queen earlier in the day and if they could not keep themselves in check to then stay away until kick-off.

The fans seemed to heed this advice despite the reports from Oliver Brown.


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