Ramiz Raja, the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), was making the rounds on social media following a confrontation with an Indian journalist following Pakistan’s defeat in the Asia Cup final. The former Pakistani cricketer provided an explanation for his response during a Q&A session on PCB’s YouTube channel about a week after the event. 

Immediately following Pakistan’s defeat by Sri Lanka in the 2022 Asia Cup final in Dubai, the aforementioned event happened. After being questioned about the displeasure of the nation after his team’s dismal performance in the final, the PCB chief was seen yelling at an Indian journalist and seizing his phone in an attempt to stop the recording. 

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan, Asia Cup 2022
Sri Lanka vs Pakistan (Credits: Twitter)

It Was A Provocative Statement – Ramiz Raja

Ramiz Raja emphasised that the reporter has made a provocative statement.

“He was miles away from Pakistan, so there was no way he could’ve known the disappointment of the nation after Pakistan’s loss in the final,” Raja said on PCB’s YouTube show, ‘Fans Forum With Ramiz’. 

Ramiz Raja
Ramiz Raja Image Source – Twitter

“The question that he asked was inappropriate. The point behind me telling him that was he said that all Pakistanis were disappointed with their cricket team. How did he know that? Because he was some 2000 miles away from Pakistan. It was completely a provocative statement,” he added. 

We Have Definitely Not Left Shaheen Afridi In The Lurch: Ramiz Raja  

Notably, the PCB has come under fire from a number of former Pakistani cricketers when Shahid Afridi stated that the wounded Shaheen Afridi only had the barest help from the organisation and was paying for his own care in the UK. Wasim Akram, a former star in fast bowling, has also condemned the PCB for its activities. 

Shaheen Afridi
Shaheen Afridi. Credits: Twitter

Ramiz Raja called it an “unfortunate situation,” and the board has come out in support of the quick bowler. 

“How can you even think that PCB can disown Shaheen Afridi? It is beyond my understanding. It’s an unfortunate controversy. Players are the most important stakeholders for us.

They must have been some issue with regard to his accommodation or hotel room, but we have definitely not left Shaheen in the lurch,” Raja said on PCB’s official YouTube channel.

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