Multi-club models are starting to be given serious thought by some of the world’s biggest clubs and Liverpool seem to be the latest to become interested in the idea. 

The model has been perfected by Red Bull with everything pointing to their biggest club, RB Leipzig. The feeder clubs consist of Red Bull Salzburg and New York Red Bulls, who produce young stars and try to develop them by advancing them down the path.

The City Football Group also have a network, with several clubs from all around the world attached to the group. Some of their clubs include New York City, Melbourne City, Troyes, Girona, Mumbai City, Lommel and there are others.

All roads within this network lead to Manchester City but their model has not been as successful, as nobody has been able to make it to City and cement a regular spot in the team.

Man City have a multi-club network

This model has gained some attention lately after the new Chelsea owner, Todd Boehly, stated his intention of buying feeder clubs for the London club.

Speaking at the SALT Conference about the multi-club model, Boehly said via Forbes:

“We’ve talked about having a multi-club model,” he said.

“I think that there are different countries where there are advantages to having a club.

“Red Bull does a really good job. They’ve got Leipzig and they’ve got Salzburg, both of which are playing in the Champions League. You have Man City, which has a very big network of clubs.

“I think the challenge Chelsea has right now, or one of them is that when you have 18-, 19-, 20-year-old superstars, you can loan them out to other clubs, but you put their development in someone else’s hands.

“Our goal is to make sure we can show pathways for our young superstars to get onto the Chelsea pitch while getting them real game time.

“To me, the way to do that is through another club somewhere in a really competitive league in Europe.”

Following this, it now seems that Liverpool’s owners Fenway Sports Group have similar ambitions.

FSG are reportedly looking to create a network of clubs around the world, according to Jornal Extra, which has been an open secret for a while but it seems it could finally become a reality.

The Liverpool owners are rumoured to be in the process of acquiring Brazilian champions, Clube Atlético Mineiro, which will help the Premier League club to bring in new young stars.

This is a dangerous path for football to start going down but it seems to be one that is currently looking prosperous for many clubs.


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