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Sebastián Rivera reached a career-high 705 in the ATP rankings in September 2009

Chilean tennis coach and former player Sebastián Rivera has been banned from the sport for life after being found guilty of a record 64 offences of match fixing.

The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) confirmed it was “the highest number ever detected by a player”.

The ITIA added that Rivera, 36, “failed to engage meaningfully with the disciplinary process”.

He was also fined $250,000 (£222,104).

The ruling means that Rivera will be “permanently prohibited from coaching at, playing in or attending any tennis event authorised or sanctioned by the governing bodies of tennis”.

Rules breached by Rivera include soliciting others to wager on the outcome of matches, attempting to contrive the outcome of a match, accepting money with the intention to negatively influence a player’s best efforts and offering money with the intention of negatively influencing a player’s best efforts.

He reached a career-high 705 in the ATP rankings as a player in September 2009, winning 115 of his 218 matches, but he has not played on the professional circuit since 2017.


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