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Followers hospitalised after England Germany pub brawl


Five people had to be taken to hospital with injuries sustained from a huge brawl involving around 100 masked fans ahead of the England vs Germany game at Wembley last night.

While England and Germany played out a thrilling 3-3 draw, there was unfortunately major trouble beforehand as a huge fight broke out at a pub near Wembley.

A brawl involving England and Germany fans led to five people being hospitalised, with witnesses giving an account of what sounds like a horrible situation.

“We initially saw a group of people running through the car park in all black, with scarves and balaclavas covering their faces wearing England hats, before hearing shouting and [seeing England fans] running in all directions,” eye-witness David Wilson-Turner told the Evening Standard.

“Hearing that some had weapons, people were then trying to get away from it, being scattered inside, round the back of the pub and across the beer garden, while others were trying to run towards them to get them away.

“It all happened very quickly, and in less than five minutes the Germans who had ran towards the pub were gone. A small number…had been struck by either the Germans directly or by things that had been thrown, some with blood over their faces and jackets.

“As we left around 15 minutes later, there were people being attended to.”

The police have released a statement confirming that arrests have since been made.

“At 17:50hrs on Monday, 26 September a group of approximately 100 males, many wearing masks, approached a pub in Dagmar Avenue, Wembley through an alley leading towards the car park,” a Met Police spokesperson told The Sun.

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