Proof that Graham Porter is a level 7 Coach

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When i said the new chelsea head coach Graham David Porter is a level 7 Soccer coach, People were thinking i took the wrong coffee that morning. but that is clear at the moment after 8 games without a win.

First, lot of folks were saying after the worldcup, he will perform magic. others say, he will probably have time to work with the players. the truth is when you sack an experience coach and hire a novice this is what you get.

You have a coach who have no clue how to play Kai havartz, this a coach who prefer for his team to play from the back when they are losing 3:0. Graham Porter puts Trevor Chalobah on the bench and then starts Fofana. Aubamayeng has proven himself in different leagues in the whole word, but at chelsea, he is yet to perform.

Today, Renowned sports journalist, Fabricio Romano broke a news about Porter’s intention of sending the new signing David Ditro Fofana on loan. My question is what brand of weed is Graham Porter smoking? You have a chelsea team with less goals than Manchester city Haaland, you have chelsea team that have no recognise striker, chelsea team that Jorginho is the team top scorer, and then you are sending a new guy, a hot striker, a 20 years old striker who wants to make his name, you want to send him on loan? are you on drugs Graham Porter?

Chelsea team has lost the appetite for winning. this team probably doesn’t know how to celebrate goals anymore. back in the days of Drogba, players practice how to celebrate goals. but at the moment we dont even think about that.

Chelsea team is failing because the strikers have no one to feed them. there is no connection between players. the only department of chelsea team with connection is the defends. Thats the reason you see them knock ball around between them. when a striker in chelsea teams passes the ball to Jorginho and makes a run, Jorginho will rather play the ball back to Thiago Silva, this ends up killing the morale of the striker.

Lets talk about FA cup between Chelsea and Manchester city. Days before that game we saw a chelsea team that was determined to win a game. believe me when the game started and we had two injuries in first half, i knew the substitutes will play their heart out. and i wasnt wrong. Carney chukwuemeka and Zakaria practically dominated the midfield of that game in the absence of Raheem Steeling and Pulisic. the absence of these two wingers made chelsea to play right through the middle where Zakaria was handling City midfield while Chukwuemeka was shooting from outside the box. the connection between city midfield and their main striker, Haaland was cut off in that match. thats the reason Haaland never scored. in short his first touch of ball was in 21 minutes.

With the performance of these guys, and their morale up, a good coach will play them in the next match to keep their momentum going. but Graham David Porter decided to keep these two on bench and then starts the game with Mount and Jorginho who to me have completely lost their hunger for goals and winning.

And today, Graham Porter is planning to send David Fofana on loan. Jesus christ where is this guy from? i have been a chelsea supporter since 1996, and we have pass through hard times but what we are passing through now, we the fans and everyone who supports chelsea dont deserve it.

Chelsea is an elite club, we play to win, we are impatient, our club has been known with that mentality and we still want to see that spirit alive. we are not a middle table finishing team. we play for trophies.

So if Graham David Armando Porter is planning to get us finish 10th place like Brighton, then someone need to wake him up because he is in the wrong neighbourhood.

its not late to fire Porter and get our club back. his Cv, managerial skills and experience is too little for chelsea Football club. the fans deserve more

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