Dani Alves Admits to consensual sex

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🚨 Accused of rape, Dani Alves has changed his version of events several times to the police.

He now admits to having sex with the complainant but insists it was consensual.

The complainant does not wish to be compensated and only seeks justice.

There are cameras inside the nightclub that recorded Dani Alves and the female going into the bathroom. They were inside for 15 minutes.

The video evidence backs up the complainant’s testimonies but has no similarities to any of Dani Alves’ testimonies.

The complainant says that Dani Alves grabbed her hand tightly and put it on his d*ck, but she rejected this several times.

Then he insisted that she follow him to the bathroom, where he allegedly raped her, slapped her and threw her to the floor.

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