André Schurrle World Cup Winner, Then and Now

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What happened to the former chelsea star

In 2014, André Schurrle was a World Champion with Germany at the World Cup in Brazil, with 3 goals scored in 6 appearances. Today, 9 years later, he has already retired from football at just 29 years old after a last stint at Spartak Moscow and has found a new direction in his life: the Wim Hof method, one of the toughest endurance challenges in the world.

⛰️ Yes, he climbed the Sniezka mountains, the highest point of the Czech Republic at 1,603 meters above sea level, with his torso exposed and he describes it on his Instagram:

🗣️ “The last minutes I couldn’t feel anything and I had to find something very deep within me to keep going. An experience I will never forget! -19 degrees, 100 km/h wind in our faces, heavy snow, and rain. What I learned… my body and I are stronger than I thought if I put my mind and soul into it I can do anything.”

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