Liverpool’s owners FSG reach new milestone with $600m boost

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Liverpool’s owners Fenway Sports Group are looking to sell a minority share in the Premier League club to investors in order to bring in more cash to compete in the expensive world of football but the American group have reached a new milestone in their total value. 

FSG, whose ownership of Liverpool, the Boston Red Sox MLB team, the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL franchise, NASCAR’s RSK Racing and a number of other sports, entertainment and real estate-related businesses has seen them become one of the world’s biggest sporting empires in the world, and their total value now stands at $10.4bn according to Forbes magazine.

The $10.4bn (£8.46bn) is a jump from the $9.8bn (£7.97bn) from 2022, a rise of around $600m.

The group is valued higher than most of the other owners in the Premier League with only the value of Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke’s Kroenke Sports & Entertainment ($12.75bn) higher.

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